Audience Feedback

"Go see Rebecca Stenn's beautifully rendered and performed work at the Gowanus Loft this weekend. Challenging, curious, crafted stuff that is still resonating...."
Megan Williams

"This is not to be missed.... Unusual alchemy, imagery and performing!!!"
Alison Chase

"If you get a chance watch the great dance piece Riparius (belonging to the River) at Gowanus Loft. Just a great piece all around. Thanks for inviting me George Del Barrio!"
Drew Florida

"It was a wonderful, exciting, moving performance, Rebecca."
Suzanne Kelson

"Just saw Rebecca Stenn's smart, supple, evocative work at Gowanus Loft. Beautifully danced by John-Mario Sevilla, Eric Jackson Bradley, Bri White and Rebecca with the masterful Jay Weissman providing, playing and manipulating the music."
David Parker

"Totally agree. Loved seeing the work and the dancers."
Risa Steinberg

"Went to see the lovely Rebecca Stenn perform last night!"
Chris MacMillan

"thank you for a fantastic evening on Thursday. it was wonderful seeing your piece realized finally, since i was unable to see your past 2 shows!! i’m so so happy i could go, and bring the youngun’s. we were all so moved. so beautiful."
Lisa Giobbi

"I loved seeing your show! It was really great! Claudia and I really enjoyed it! Really liked the heavy metal monster part and the epic ending/ light projection."
Terry Rosenberg

"It was a wonderful show. I loved it and Abe couldn't stop talking about it all the way back. He had so many interesting observations and experiences from the show. Congratulations!"
Robert Klein

"Congratulations again on your wonderful show!"
Susan Marshall

"It was incredible"
Lisa Morgenstern

"Congrats on your beautiful and mesmerizing new dance! It was a pleasure to behold."
Tina Fehlandt

“LOVED your dance and am still thinking about it. Risa and I had a date on Thursday and were talking about how beautiful and strong you are. Day on Earth, Risa said. I get that, a kind of timeless mother/woman stoicism and elegance….but to me , it was wholly contemporary, of the time. Now. The others, too. The mystery of Bri, the directness of Eric, the whimsy of JM, but all of you a team, a cast of characters, a family, a tribe."

"I am inspired by your attention to detail and the rigor both physically and intellectually”
Megan Williams

"It was fantastic. You, as always, astonish."
Elizabeth Marvel